Windows Media Player 12.0.7000.7000 original from Windows 7 - WMP 12 từ W7 đây


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Đây là bản Windows Media Player được bào chế từ windows7 mà Microsoft mới phát hành:

Windows Media Player (WMP) 12 which comes with lighter and brighter user interface as well as several new features, is scheduled to be shipped with Windows 7. Unfortunately Microsoft is not planning to release it sooner than the official launch of Windows 7 and this leaves people who are eager to use the latest version of Windows Media Player restless.

While we only see WMP 12 is distant away from reaching, Mikasi2009, a user over at Devianart brings the lovely WMP 12 closer for grab by coming up with a way to install Windows Media 12 on Windows Vista. For what is worth, this guy is one of the lucky 1000 participants who got invitation for Windows 7 Beta 2 Closed Testers and has access to the Windows Media Player 12.0.7000.7000 original files from Windows 7 Build 7000.

Hướng dẫn cài :
How to install Windows Media Player 12?

* Backup wmploc.dll from C:\Windows\System32
* Backup Windows Media Player folder from C:\Program Files
1. Download this file and extract it.
2. - copy wmploc.dll in C:\Windows\System32
- copy Windows Media Player folder to C:\Program Files

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