Phần Mềm Virtual DJ Mới Nhất 6.0

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    NS Virtual DJ 6 0 Full By New Star

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    Category: Software > Windows - Sound Editing
    Total size: 205.87 megabyte
    Added: 164 days ago
    Language: [​IMG] English
    Share ratio: [​IMG]153 seeds, 18 leechers
    Last updated: 12 hours ago
    Downloads: 46,067

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    ~~~~~~~ English ~ Lang. ~~~~~~~~~~~

    Welcome!!! NS Virtual DJ 6.0 Is Building By New Star

    This Program Is Building By Saimir Ruçi. NS Virtual DJ 6.0 don't need for Patch, Crack, Keygen or Serial.

    This Program Is Suported By Windows 2000, Windows XP (SP1, SP2, SP3, Media Center), Windows Vista.

    System Requirment: All Up Windows, HDD 500 MB, Graphic Card 64 MB (128 MB Recommandet), RAM 256 MB (512 MB Recommendet), Directx 9 -> For A Beter View.

    Contact With New Star (Saimir Ruçi) E-mail:
    Cel Phone: +3550685052321
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