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[MediaFire] 13 GB Learning English Collection - Tổng Hợp Các Tài Liệu Học Tiếng Anh | Bụi phấn - Diễn đàn dạy và học
[MediaFire] 13 GB Learning English Collection - Tổng Hợp Các Tài Liệu Học Tiếng Anh

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    [MediaFire] 13 GB Learning English Collection - Tổng Hợp Các Tài Liệu Học Tiếng Anh Cực Hay

    [​IMG]I. American Headway Collection | Level 1-4 | PDF + CD (Audio):


    -American Headway Level 1 (Student's Book + SB audio)
    -American Headway Level 2 (Student's book + Audio)
    -American Headway Level 3 (Student's book + Audio / Workbook + Audio)
    -American Headway Level 4

    II. Follow Me BBC Learning (PDF +5 Audio CDs + 60 Video):

    Follow Me BBC Learning (PDF +5 Audio CDs + 60 Video ) | 2.19 GB

    It is the chorus from the BBC.The main feature of this course and he talks Qedio unreal.Taught the English language Mqscm to 4 levels of progressive.Full course, 4 levels of video + book + audio to benefit 5.


    The complete English-teaching video course

    1. What’s your name?
    2. How are you?
    3. Can you help me?
    4. Left, right, straight ahead.
    5. Where are they?
    6. What’s the time?
    7. What’s this? What’s that?
    8. I like it very much.
    9. Have you got any wine?
    10. What are they doing?
    11. Can I have you name, please?
    12. What does she look like?
    13. No smoking.
    14. It’ on the first floor.
    15. Where’s he gone?


    16. Going away.
    17. Buying things.
    18. Why do you like it?
    19. What do you need?
    20. I sometimes work late.
    21. Welcome to Britain.
    22. Who’s that?
    23. What would you like to do?
    24. How can we get there?
    25. Where is it?
    26. What’s the date?
    27. Whose is it?
    28. I enjoy it
    29. How many and how much?
    30. What have you done?


    31. Haven’t we met before?
    32. What did you say?
    33. Please stop!
    34. How can I get to Brightley?
    35. Where can I get it?
    36. There’s a concert on Wednesday
    37. What’s it like?
    38. What do you think of him?
    39. I need someone
    40. What were you doing?
    41. What do you do?
    42. What do you know about him?
    43. You shouldn’t do that.
    44. I hope you enjoy your holiday
    45. Where can I see a football match?


    46. When will it be ready?
    47. Where did you go?
    48. I think it’s awful
    49. A room with a view
    50. You’ll be ill
    51. I don’t believe in strikes.
    52. They look tired.
    53. Would you like to…?
    54. Holiday plans.
    55. The second shelf on the left.
    56. When you are ready…
    57. Tell them about Britain.
    58. I liked everything.
    59. Classical or modern?
    60. Finale.
    Book + 5 CDs

    III. Language In Use:

    Language In Use aka 24/7 English | 4.2 GB

    A modern, interactive English course for teenagers and adults. The rich course material has been prepared on the basis of one of the best English course books "Language in Use" written by Adrian Doff and Christopher Jones, and published by Cambridge University Press. The material together with user-friendly, multimedia application forms a perfect educational system which guarantees learning at the highest level. Thanks to the most advanced information technologies, easy access to linguistic websites, and thousands of varied exercises language learning is effective, interesting and gives you real pleasure

    IV. Learn to Speak English 9 DELUXE EDITION

    Learn to Speak English 9 DELUXE EDITION

    • Learn to speak, read, and write English with natural confidence
    • 2 full years worth of robust, convenient, and engaging curriculum
    • Over 50 lessons, hundreds of exercises, and refreshing games and puzzles
    • Easy record and playback capabilities; upgraded speech recognition engine
    • Includes audio lessons on CD and a 115-page reference book
    Immerse yourself in the English language! Learn to speak, read, and write with natural confidence. Featuring two full years worth of robust, engaging curriculum, Learn to Speak English Deluxe offers a convenient, comprehensive language study solution. Whether you’re planning a vacation, traveling for work, or just brushing up your skills for fun, the award-winning Learn to Speak program brings your goals within reach.
    Designed by language education specialists, the Learn to Speak system is easily tailored to help you learn English on your own terms. At the heart of the Learn to Speak system is the software program,featuring 35 lessons of core curriculum and 16 Extended Practice lessons. The program offers all the benefits of a structured language course, but also provides the flexibility to accommodate your individual needs and interests. And with fully-coordinated curriculum across three platforms--the core PC program, audio lessons on CD, and a 115-page reference book with printable grammar exercises--you have the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever it suits you.
    • Target vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading, and writing skills with over 50 lessons and hundreds of exercises.
    • Find the ideal starting point for you with a quick but thorough diagnostic pre-test.
    • Customize your studies by following the general track or focus on specific topics that interest you most.
    • Perfect your accent with easy record and playback capabilities and an upgraded speech recognition engine that compares your pronunciation to a native speaker’s.
    • Hone your listening and speaking skills in simulated real-world interactions with native speakers.
    • Enrich your studies with fascinating cultural movies exploring the sights and sounds of popular US cities.
    • Break up your lessons with a selection of refreshing games and puzzles.
    • Use the Talking Dictionary to easily access translations and pronunciations.

    V. NEW ENGLISH FILE Series (Complete)

    NEW ENGLISH FILE Series (Complete)| 2.16 GB Full 4 levels


    file type: PDF, OGG, CD
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    Key features

    100% new lessons that work, that are fun, and that get students talking.
    An expanded Vocabulary Bank.

    A new Grammar Bank section with rules and exercises.
    Practical English lessons, a focus on functional language supported by the New English File Study Link Videos.

    The same unequalled level of teacher support.
    More photocopiable materials for teachers, with an extra grammar and communicative activity for every lesson.

    The English File series is one of the best available and the new Elementary level is an improvement over the original. The student’s book is well laid out, well illustrated and has vocabulary and grammar sections at the back.

    It takes learners from the verb to be up to the present perfect. Perhaps the book tries to cover too much too quickly; the past simple is reached very quickly and slower students would benefit from additional exercises using the present simple. The teacher’s book has also been improved and the workbook includes a useful CD ROM.


    Author: Oxenden , C , Latham-Koenig , C & Seligson , P
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    Every level of English File builds confidence and keeps motivation high with lively, achievable lessons, using humour and imagination to encourage students to communicate and enjoy learning English.


    Author: Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden, Latham - Koenig
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    File type: PDF / OGG / CD
    An innovative multi-level English course for adults and young adults, written by authors with vast international experience of the EFL classroom. English File Intermediate has an emphasis on building language confidence, with maximum opportunity for speaking within highly motivating topic areas, s systematic approach to vocabulary expansion, practical help in improving listening and reading skills, and an integrated writing syllabus in the Student's Book.


    Author: Oxenden, C & Latham-Koenig, C
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    The course that gets students talking. Key features: 100% new material, clear Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation aims at the beginning of each lesson, revised Grammar Bank with rules and exercises. Revise & Check section for each File. Photocopiable materials for teachers, including grammar, communicative vocabulary, and pronunciation activities.

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    VI. New interchange Series 4 Levels

    New interchange Series 4 Levels ( Complete ) | 2.01 GB

    Books New interchange is officially approved textbooks for many years in the courses the American University in Cairo and is attractive to the right, simple and suitable for everyone ...

    The books alone are not enough to master the language of course .. But you know the proper rules .. The basics of the language .. And words .. And the method of dialogue by all of this adds to the experience of the person to learn the language .. in addition of course to the practice

    New interchange is supported by 3 levels of audio files of the conversation + video + files of the same books + exercise books for each level.

    VII. The Complete English Grammar Series [10 DVDS]

    The Complete English Grammar Series
    Video | English | Learning | 1.9 GB

    Video Aided Instruction’s English Grammar Series makes the tricky rules of English grammar easier to learn than ever before — whether you’re new to English or you’ve been speaking it for years! The 10 programs in this series are each divided into 3 to 5 short lessons, making them perfect for classroom use or self-study. They’re also ideal for reviewing forgotten grammar or preparing for many verbal standardized tests such as the SAT, TOEFL, GED, and GRE. Plus, they can really help you improve your grades in school or your performance on the job!

    Using easy-to-follow examples and practice exercises from everyday life, this series can help you master even the most complicated English grammar topics!

    The 10 programs in this series are:

    * English Grammar: Sentence Structure
    * English Grammar: Parts of Speech
    * English Grammar: Sentence Complements
    * English Grammar: Verbs
    * English Grammar: Pronouns
    * English Grammar: Agreement
    * English Grammar: Modifiers
    * English Grammar: Parallel Structure
    * English Grammar: Punctuation
    * English Grammar: Spelling & Capitalization


    CD English Books Study Collection (2009)

    Trong CD này, bạn sẽ tìm thấy:

    - Sách
    - Từ điển
    - Tất cả các phần mềm cần thiết
    - Tất cả những gì bạn cần để lấy TOEFL

    Danh mục sách:

    Advanced English CAE Grammar_Practice
    American Accent Training
    Basic English Usage [Oxford]
    Cambridge - English Vocabulary in Use - Elem
    Cambridge - English Vocabulary in Use - Pre-int_Int
    Cambridge - English Vocabulary in Use - Upp_Adv
    Check Your Vocabulary for IELTS
    English Brainstormers - Games and Activities that Make Language Skills Fun to Learn
    English Grammar - IELTS 2002 Handbook
    English Grammar - The Oxford Guide To English Usage
    English Grammar for the Utterly Confused
    English Grammar in Use--Advanced
    English Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students
    Grammar And Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced And Proficiency
    Grammar Practice for Elementary Students
    Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students
    Grammar Practice for Pre-intermediate Students
    Grammar Practice for Upper Intermediate Students
    Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization
    Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises
    English Idioms
    Grammarway 3 with Answers
    Lexical Functional Grammar
    Longman English Grammar - Practice intermediate self study edition
    New Grammar Practice pre-int
    NTC''s American Idioms Dictionary
    Oxford Essential Guide to Writing
    Teaching English Spelling. A Practical Guide
    Technical Writing Made Easier
    The A-Z of Correct English Common Errors in English
    The Online English Grammar
    The Oxford Dictionary of New Words
    The Oxford English Grammar
    The Probert Encyclopaedia of Slang 2004
    Webster essential vocabulary
    Word formation in English
    Ins and Outs of Prepositions
    The American Heritage® Book of English Usage
    Webster Guide to Grammar and Writing
    L. Branson -- English Composition, Grammar, Punctuation
    Modern English to Old English Vocabulary
    Collins Cobuild Student’s Grammar
    English Grammar in English - John Dow
    Higher Lessons in English. A Work on English Grammar and Composition
    Idioms in Speech
    Subjunctive Mood
    The Oxford Guide to English Usage
    A practical English Grammar
    Basic English in Practice Intermediate English Course
    Cambridge English Grammar In Use Intermediate incl Answers
    Change time and change tense
    Collin Cobuild English Grammar
    Oxford Practice Grammar with Answers
    and more...


    The Oxford English Dictionary portable no sound:

    The Oxford English Dictionary portable with sound:


    Starter TOEIC Building TOEIC Test-taking Skills


    Starter TOEIC, Third Edition (w/3 Audio CDs), Building TOEIC Test-taking Skills by Anne Taylor, Casey Malarcher
    Publisher: Compass Publishing | Publication Date: 2006-09-01 | ISBN-10: 159966030X | MP3 (VBR, ~80 kbps) | 60 Mb

    Starter TOEIC Third Edition is designed for beginning level students of English who need to start preparation for the TOEIC. The first chapter introduces students to the twelve most important grammar targets on the TOEIC. The second chapter provides twelve mini tests, each reinforcing a grammar target through natural exposure in a variety of contexts. The third chapter contains a full-length practice test designed to challenge but not frustrate beginning level students.Starter TOEIC Third Edition provides an excellent foundation for students starting preparation for the TOEIC. Key features include: (1) General information about the TOEIC; (2) Tips for taking each sectiion of the test; (3) Clear and precise grammar explanations; (4) Thematic units with integrated grammar practice; (5) A mini practice test in each unit; (6) A full-length practice test; (7) Answer key and tape scripts for all mini tests and the full-length; (8) Audio recording of the listening sections for each mini test and the full-length test.


    Pass unrar: cdshopvn.net

    TOEIC Mới ra lò: Achieve TOEIC Bridge (Book & CD)


    Achieve TOEIC Bridge™ will help assess candidates' skills and highlight areas for improvement. It gives candidates the techniques and confidence they need to take the TOEIC Bridge™ test as well as advance to the next step of preparing for the TOEIC® test

    - Mini tests to highlight areas for improvement
    - Full-length tests.
    - Grammar and Vocabulary review sections.
    - Personal scoreboards to track candidates improvement and a conversion chart to easily estimate their TOEIC Bridge™ score.

    Pass unrar: englishtips.org


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