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Anti-Trojan Elite 4.8.6 | Bụi phấn - Diễn đàn dạy và học
Anti-Trojan Elite 4.8.6

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  1. lehoa012 Điều hành viên

    Category: Soft
    Developer: ISecSoft, Inc.
    Year: 2010
    File size: 6.09 MB
    About the program: Anti-Trojan Elite - program to clean your computer from malicious files such as Trojans, keylogery and so on. Scans are not only the hard drive (including the archives ZIP CAB), but also looks at what processes are running. Also the manager has the network processes by which we can determine which is running an undesirable process. In addition, you can view the registry keys and values, and remove suspicious, to repair Internet Explorer, to optimize Windows and much more. In addition, the program includes tools for blocking suspicious TCP-connections and processes, as well as to correct errors in the registry due to the activities of malicious programs.

    "Scanning the memory and hard disk
    "Tracking the injection of malicious programs in real time
    "Compressed files (RAR, ZIP, CAB)
    'Backup before you delete
    "Network Manager. Tracking TCP / UDP states and processes. You can disable any connections or processes.
    "Restore the Registry in Windows and Internet Explorer
    "Automatic online update database
    "Monitoring the registry in real time

    On the file:
    Enabling | reg code: Is present
    Interface Language: Ml
    File format:. Rar
    Platform / OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Seven


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