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ACDSee Pro v3.0.355 + Serials | Bụi phấn - Diễn đàn dạy và học
ACDSee Pro v3.0.355 + Serials

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    Accelerate your photography workflow with ACDSee Pro 3. Manage, view, process and publish your images with speed and ease. ACDSee Pro 3 is the photography software with the flexibility to adapt to the way you work; helping you optimize every aspect of your workflow.
    New Features Include
    Ground-breaking image processing workflow
    Convenient FTP uploader
    Free online photo sharing
    SMTP e-mail support
    Enhanced intuitive interface
    Flexible non-destructive processing presets
    Improved noise reduction
    Vibrance image processing tool
    Advanced Color image processing tool
    Intuitive workflow-oriented interface
    To help you accelerate your workflow, ACDSee Pro 3’s refined interface is built around three key steps: managing, viewing and processing images. Designed in consultation with pro photographers and existing users, this enhanced interface is optimized to keep the focus on your photos while you work.
    IMPROVED! ACDSee Pro has always featured modes for each step of your workflow. ACDSee Pro 3’s improved interface makes it easier for you to stay oriented within the application as you move between these modes – with just one click.
    Flexible Photo Management
    Import, browse, organize, compare, find, and publish your photos in Manage mode.
    IMPROVED! Simplified interface with fewer icons and colors keeps the focus on your images
    NEW! Categorize images using the new checkbox feature, in addition to the original drag and drop method
    NEW! Get visual feedback on your filtering selections with the Filter message bar
    Customize your interface: Define workspace presets for different steps in your workflow, and configure your main toolbar, preview pane and more
    Easily publish your images through the new FTP uploader, the new Zenfolio uploader and the extended SmugMug uploader
    Easier Viewing
    Display and examine photos full size at any magnification in View mode.
    NEW! Flip quickly between images using the new filmstrip window while remaining oriented in a large group of files
    Powerful Processing
    Adjust your images using the non-destructive power of the Develop tools, and prepare photos for publishing using the pixel-based Edit tools in Process mode.
    NEW! Get the combined power of ACDSee Pro’s non-destructive image development technology and precise pixel-level editor in one seamless environment
    NEW! Perform non-destructive adjustments on any type of file, not just RAW files

    Download : ACDSee Pro v3.0.355
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